Hundreds Of Corgis In The Same Place – You'll Die When You See Why!!!

My dog is the most happy dancy, loving dog imaginable. I know everyone thinks that about their dogs too which is how it should be, but mine cannot get enough of all his dogs friends!

He just loves to say hi to every dog he meets on his walks or when we have friends over for dinner, we always encourage them to bring their 4 legged kids too. You can just see their sweet little eyes light up when a dog friend comes to play.

Dogs are naturally very social animals who love to be together. This should be pretty obvious when you see that wild dogs, wolves, coyotes all run in packs together.

My dog runs with all his friends and they have created a pack of their own. It is so important for them to be able to socialize and develop those skills and places like dog parks or outdoor areas are great for this!

My dog pack consists of 4-6 dogs at any given time and this seems like a lot of energy. Now picture hundreds of dogs in one place. Continue to the next page, you have to SEE why anyone would have so many dogs in one place!!!