Humane Society Rescues 130 Animals From Awful And Cruel Conditions

Humane Society rescue

Great news has come in from the Humane Society of the United States. They’ve helped rescue and change the lives of over a hundred helpless animals that were kept in some horrific conditions that no animal should endure.

Puppy mills and other animals mills are absolutely deplorable “businesses.” They breed animals for the specific purpose of making money off of them. They are not raised in conditions that foster love and warm personalities to be grown.

The Humane Society was called in by the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s office in the state of North Carolina. They were asked to help with a rescue effort from a suspected puppy mill in the area. Of course, the Humane Society sprung into action.

When the rescue team arrived – they couldn’t believe the conditions of not only the environment that the dogs were living in but also the condition of the animals’ health. They were completely heartbroken.

The dogs sensed they were there to be rescued and taken away from this horrible scene and they greeted the rescuers warmly. Continue to the next page to watch the rescue in action – it’s beyond touching!