How to House Train A New Puppy

Of all the many training issues with a new puppy, the first item on your agenda is, no doubt, house training. While the first few times may be amusing, cleaning up messes can get old very quickly and besides, the longer you wait the harder it is to convince him that he can’t just go wherever he pleases.

You’ll want to know how to house train a new puppy from the first day you bring him home. Even if this is an older puppy, you can still be successful in training. We’ve covered the basics for you in this article.

Give Them A Bedroom With No Bathroom

A small wire mesh or plastic crate should be one of your first purchases. It must be big enough to accommodate increases in size over the next few weeks, and small enough that she doesn’t find a small corner of the crate to eliminate in.

The crate will be your puppy’s hang out spot whenever you’re not playing with her or taking her outside. Puppies feel safe and happy in this secure, enclosed environment.

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