Homeless Man Sleeps Outside An Animal Shelter And Prays That His Dog Will Show Up

homeless man

Here’s another tear-jerker of a story for you, so you might want to grab some tissues. The good news is, it’s also a heart melter. It’s a story about kindness, love, and humanity. It starts with a phone call. A worker at the DeKalb County Animal Services shelter received a call that there was a strange situation in progress. There was a homeless man that was curled up, sleeping in front of the dog shelter doors.

At first thought, the homeless man could have just been someone that needed a place to lay their head. It’s possible that the man simply felt safe to sleep there for whatever reason. However, the true reason behind it is far deeper than that. Yes, he was a homeless man, but he didn’t pick the shelter at random. He had lost his best friend…his dog and the only meaningful thing he had. All he wanted was to get his best friend back. The homeless man was willing to do anything to find her and have her back in his arms.

A shelter employee went outside to wake up the sleeping man — that’s when he informed her that his beloved dog had gone missing. He had spent all of his money to take the bus to the shelter. The story doesn’t end here —  Go to the Next Page to see what makes the homeless mans heart drop!

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