Homeless Dogs Rescued And Can’t Help But Show How Excited They Are

homeless dogs

Happy rescue stories are our absolute favorite! They are so heartwarming and the dogs that are rescued are just so grateful. These three homeless dogs you’re about to see are beyond excited that they were rescued.

Dogs are just amazing because they truly wear their hearts on their sleeve. They are loving and loyal creatures that just want a home to call their own and an owner they can count on. It’s simple, really.

These 3 dogs will now finally have the chance at a great life. Their names are Zuzi, Nina and Louie. It’s hard to believe that they were all homeless at one point when you see their personalities in the video on the next page.

Zuzi was a long time stray and never once had a home of her own. Louie was found in a forest – he was completely emaciated and also injured. And poor Nina was neglected and only new life on a chain.

But it’s their reaction to being rescued that has won over the internet’s heart. You’ve just got to see it for yourself in the video on the next page. You’ll absolutely love it.