Here’s Proof that Dogs Are Man’s Best Friends

We’ve all been told repeatedly—by dog lovers—that dog is man’s best friend. If you were a watcher of “Lassie” or “The Littlest Hobo” or “Rin Tin Tin” as a child then of course you believe this to be true. The TV said so.

But these real life stories are living proof that the title, “Man’s best friend” was truly earned.

A Terrier’s Life Alert Warning

Having taken in a lost terrier as a favor to her neighbor Yolanda Segovia warned her kids not to grow attached. She and the neighbor were searching for the dog’s owner. Four days later Yolanda arrived home to find the dog barking wildly and flinging himself against the screen door.

The dog then sprinted into Yolanda’s boys’ room where she immediately stopped barking and froze in the doorway. Yolanda’s Down syndrome son was having a seizure. Had the dog not alerted Yolanda, her son would have choked to death.

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