Guy Turns His Backyard Into A Huge Playground For His Dogs


Get ready to meet the luckiest dogs on the entire planet. Their names are Tessa, Bruno, Cooper, and Mia and their human, named Aaron Franks, loves his dogs a lot. Like — a lot. He can prove it by giving you a tour of his backyard.

The four dogs live with their owner in Pennsylvania and even though Aaron isn’t a carpenter or contractor, he designed the most epic backyard ever. And the best part? It’s entirely centered around his dogs!

It all started around two years ago when Aaron began to slowly convert his backyard into a dog’s dreamland. It was going to be a three-story playhouse — complete with a pool, running water, lots of space to play, and lots of areas to relax.

Aaron really didn’t have a gameplan, he was just going to wing it and decided to start building. He wasn’t sure where it was going to go, but he was having fun doing it. His dogs were excited too!

Aaron was absolutely loving building the dream playhouse for his dogs but what he didn’t expect? Was just how awesome it was going to turn out!

Continue to the next page to see the finished backyard design. It’s crazy!

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