Guess Who's Playing Nanny!

I’m going to let you in on a little-known fact. Though the breed is still feared and despised by many, Pit Bulls once were called “Nanny Dogs.” In the last century, pit bull dogs were considered the nannies of the home.

Their job was to keep the children occupied while their parents worked in the crop fields. Well this dog really loved his job as a nanny.

Rocky, this 2 year old Pit Bull, is definitely living up to that reputation as he plays with a tiny infant beneath a blanket. Babies and Pit Bulls? Yes please!

On the next page, you only get to see Rocky’s rear half moving around because he’s crawled inside the covers to get to the baby. Just picture that! How cute.

However even just seeing Rocky’s butt is still adorable, and you can tell this Pittie is as gentle as they come! Go to next page to view the hilarious action.