Groomer Sets Up Hilariously Adorable Nativity Scene With Dogs

nativity scene

Christmas time means beautiful Christmas carols, bright and glittery decorations, and, of course, nativity scenes to honor the birth of baby Jesus. Many people attempt to stage a live nativity scene, but no one has done it quite like this.

The wonderful employees of Wags to Riches, a dog grooming business in England, wanted to try setting up their very own nativity scene with the dogs getting primped at the shop. They also had the help of their resident dog.

Surprisingly, the photo shoot went much smoother than they could have ever anticipated. The dogs were extremely eager and willing to participate. Of course, they’re a catch, right? There’s no way seven dogs could all sit still for a photo.

Well, the grooming staff pulled it off with one special trick — biscuits.

“They were all happy to sit for the photo,” Toby and Jo, owners of Wags To Riches, told The Dodo. “It’s amazing what dogs will do for a biscuit.”

Continue to the next page to see the final result! It’s SO adorable and it’s definitely going to get you in the Christmas spirit.