Good Dog Saves A Baby Deer From Drowning

good dog

Dogs have a sixth sense that us humans will never understand. They can experience love, kindness, and compassion on a level that we can just never comprehend. The good dog in the video you’re about to see if a perfect example of this — he’s a true hero.

Here at Our Passion for Dogs love coming across dogs performing heroic and selfless acts. If we could only have those types of stories in the world, we’d be so happy! Dog hero stories are always so refreshing and wonderful to hear about.

Like the story about the big dog who couldn’t stop worrying about his new foster puppy so they wouldn’t leave their side. Or the dog who, without hesitation, took in an abandoned piglet as their own child. Absolutely heart melting!

Well — you can add a dog named Storm to the long list of hero dogs that we admire. It all started when Storm was out for an ordinary walk with his owner, Mark Freeley, and his dog sister Sara. The family spotted a baby deer struggling to stay afloat in the Long Island Sound nearby.

It was at this moment that Storm, the Golden Retriever, completely took off without warning. Freeley was stunned at how quickly the good dog went out to help rescue this struggling, helpless fawn. He watched from the shore with his other dog Sara.

As Storm bee-lined it to the terrified fawn, Storm’s owner filmed the entire thing with his phone’s camera and it’s one of the most incredible rescues we’ve seen. The amount of love and compassion that Storm exhibits is beyond words.

Keep reading on the next page to see what Storm did once he got the little deer on shore. It’s so sweet it made me tear up!

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