Golden Retriever Rescued From Well, Won’t Stop Hugging Firefighter Afterward


Dogs are absolutely wonderful and displaying their emotions. You can tell when they’re happy, sad, or hungry. They can even tell you when they’re grateful, relieved, and happy to be alive. One firefighter experienced this first hand.

In the Anhui province of China, a dog became stuck in a very deep well. No one is quite sure how the dog ended up in a precarious situation. Thankfully, someone had heard the dog’s cried and help was on the way.

It wasn’t long until a firefighter team was there to help. It was going to take quite a bit of work to get the pooch out, but they were determined to make it happen. The entire rescue effort was caught on camera.

The Golden Retriever is clearly very nervous as a contraption gets set up to pull him up from the well. The firefighters were trying their best not to startle or frighten the dog any more than they already were.

The rescue video and the beautiful moment that happened afterward was caught on camera and we absolutely love it.

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