Golden Retriever Puppy Passes Out On Toy Swing – ADORABLE!

Golden Retriever Puppy

Have you ever been so completely tired and exhausted that you just can’t keep your eyes open? I think the Golden Retriever puppy in this video must have had one of those days because this little guy is OUT.

I love watching videos of tired puppies. They are so lively and rambunctious throughout the day that they completely wear themselves out. And once they’ve had enough? They just drop like a stone.

I know us humans can relate. And sometimes it just takes a little lulling to make us fall asleep. Some people immediately go to sleep once they get into a car, plane or train. There’s something about the gentle rocking.

Even babies – babies of all species – to get them to fall asleep, sometimes you just need to hold them in your arms and softly rock back and forth. It’s hypnotic. And usually it works every single time.

This Golden Retriever puppy is put into a toy swing and as it rocks gently back and forth? The puppy is straight up knocked OUT. It’s beyond adorable – you’ve just got to see it.