Golden Retriever Named Zeus Shockingly Loses Leg To Cancer — Needs YOUR Help!


Life throws us curve-balls that we never saw coming. Sometimes they are filled with joy — other times they can be just devastating. One family in Pennsylvania had the shock of cancer come swarming into their lives.

Jessica and Travis own a beautiful Golden Retriever named Zeus. Zeus is a typical Goldie — happy, friendly, and extremely easy to fall in love with. And Zeus has his whole life in front of him because he’s not even 5-years old yet.

That’s why it was so incredibly shocking for Jessica and Travis to find out that their young and once vibrant pup was diagnosed with osteosarcoma — bone cancer — in his back left leg. They had just received this news during the holidays.

The couple had noticed that their dog was acting a bit strange and not as peppy as he normally would be. After multiple tests and x-rays — that’s when the diagnosis was made. They couldn’t believe it.

But their story and journey were just beginning and the blows just kept coming for this loving family. Find out how Zeus is doing now and how you — as part of the dog loving community — can help. Continue to the next page.