Getting Dogs Used to a New Baby

Having a puppy or young dog around the home can be an absolute joy but it’s always best to remember that dogs are very much different to humans and need to know their place within the ‘pack’ as soon as they’re introduced to the family.

Your dog will no doubt take full advantage of a soft approach to their upbringing with disobedience, mischief making and aggressive behaviour all symptomatic of a non-authoritative approach to discipline.

Similar to human children, dogs will react to change with a wide range of emotional behaviours and from becoming quite sullen and morose to excessive destruction of household furniture, this can often be a very testing time and quite bewildering as to what to do.

There is no greater change in a dog’s and parent’s life other than introducing a baby into the household and if you think that your dog will simply accept the new pack member with affectionate snuggles and maternal devotion then you might want to think again.

Yes, there are plenty of placid and well behaved dogs that will readily embrace a new baby into ‘their’ home but if you’re one of the many dog owners who are slightly unsure as to the first baby steps to a successful canine infant relationship then read on for tips and advice.

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