Funny Dog Commercials That Will Make You Howl With Laughter!

We all love commercials that feature dogs. I know I do — and my dog does too because she barks at every one of them! But this set of commercials will have you both howling – or rolling on the floor laughing!

They come from a European ad agency that compiles their funniest themed commercials for various clients into high-production value videos. Watch this site for more of the doggy ones as they come out, we’ll post them as fast as they’re published.

This video on the next page proves that European ad agencies are as good as, or maybe even better than the ones here in the U.S. when it comes to making humorous TV commercials. Don’t know about you, but my favorite is #4, with the couple on the phone. It reminds me of another post I saw recently, 5 Signs You Might Love Your Dog More Than Your Spouse.

Go to next page to watch the video, and find links to other humorous ads.