What are the Friendliest Breed of Dogs to Own?


Before you consider which kind of dog to own, it’s good to know which ones are the friendliest breed of dogs. Usually, smaller dogs actually are the most confrontational. Large dogs have a better understanding of the universe around them and are typically nicer than smaller dogs.

However, realistically, the factor which decides the base for how friendly a canine is depends upon their breed and genetics.

Here you’ll learn about the friendliest breed of dogs so you are able to make a more educated decision on what dog to select as your lifelong companion to build lasting memories with and to love.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Baby

A fantastic clip that debunks the stereotypical, negative image projected in the media about the Staffordshire Bull. These dogs are fantastic with young children. They are extremely tolerant and protective towards young children, unlike many breeds who will snap, or bite an irritating child.

Staffs are the ultimate family pet, without a shadow of a doubt. Intelligent, extremely loyal and affectionate, playful and exceptionally brave.

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