French Bulldog Gets Tattled On By Best Friend And It’s ADORABLE!


Does your dog get into trouble sometimes? Whether it’s getting into the garbage or chewing up that new pair of shoes – our furry angels aren’t always quite angels. But of course we love them dearly.

How about if you have TWO dogs in your household? When our pups become partners in crime they can cause a lot of destruction within the home. I know I’ve walked into my house to a complete disaster because of my fur babies!

The video on the next page is too adorable for words. It starts with a tiny little French Bulldog that is clearly caught up in a mess of toilet paper. The owner of this pup asks him very politely if he is guilty. The pup doesn’t want to fess up!

Then the camera pans to the other dog, a Bull Mastiff, in the household – the owner asks him the same exact question. But THIS time the reaction isn’t quite as subtle – it’s actually quite hilarious! You can clearly tell these dogs are brothers.

Continue to the next page to see what the Mastiff does to tattle on his French Bulldog little brother. You’ll be cracking up – I know I was! You’ve gotta see it.