Foster Child And Adopted Labradoodle Share Incredible, Unbreakable Bond

Whether or not you believe in soulmates — some souls were just meant to be together. That’s certainly the case with a Labradoodle named Reagan and a little boy named Buddy. Their beginnings to life were very similar.

Both Reagan and Buddy were looking for a family and ended up in the home of Kari Lewis. Just over three years ago, Lewis became the foster mom to the adorable 11-month-old little boy.

At this same time — Lewis’s mother’s dog Reagan also turned 11-months-old. Sandi Swiridoff is Lewis’s mother and she adopted the Labradoodle after Lewis’s previous foster kids moved on to their forever families.

Swiridoff thought that adopting Reagan would help add love and warmth to the family. She was the perfect addition to their family. They didn’t think it could get any better — that is, until Buddy came along.

But it’s what happened when Buddy and Reagan met that blew the family away. They couldn’t believe how quickly they connected. It wasn’t just any connection — they became inseparable like they had been looking for each other their entire short lives!

What’s even crazier? Buddy and Reagan share the same exact birthday! If that’s not a huge coincidence, we don’t know what is!

Since they’ve met, they’ve become an Instagram hit because Lewis and Swiridoff keep snapping adorable pictures of them both. It’s clear that they were meant to be together.

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