Fluffy Dog Finds Relief From The Heat In A VERY Unusual Spot!

Summer is when the sun comes out and the temps start to rise. Depending on where you live – the heat can sometimes be downright unbearable. Especially if you don’t have A/C!

When the temperature starts getting too hot we always find ways to cool off. Whether that’s cranking up the air conditioning, jumping in a pool or maybe having a nice glass of iced tea.

But could you imagine being covered in fur in these hot temperatures? No wonder dogs are always lapping up water and panting like crazy when it’s warm out. I would be too if I had a fur coat on!

Dogs are also known for getting creative to find relief from the heat. Sometimes they find a cool spot on a tile floor or maybe run through the sprinklers going outside. They’re smart cookies!

The dog in the video on the next page takes “cooling off” to a WHOLE new level and it’s absolutely hilarious. Guess where this sweet dog ended up?!