Five Stories of Heroic Rescues by Pit Bulls

Ask any pit bull owner, and they will fiercely defend these widely misunderstood dogs as being kinder, gentler and more valiant than any other dog breed. While pit bulls have developed a bad reputation due to their popularity for training as attack dogs, they are not inherently vicious animals.

In general, a pit bull’s handling and social environment have a much stronger impact on the dog’s personality than does its genetics. Though their modern name comes from the sport of pit fighting, that “sport” is no longer socially acceptable, and the shameful practice has been forced into hiding. (Hopefully a first step before it disappears altogether!)

How valiant is the Pit Bull? We recently happened across some dramatic stories and photos of pit bulls taking it upon themselves to rescue humans from danger, and thought we’d share.

When Bella the Pit Bull mix (shown above and on the next page) was found running into traffic and barking at pedestrians, people at first assumed she was just another stray. But one alert onlooker, Teri, knew something was amiss and decided to follow Bella.

Go to next page to see Bella and for the other stories and photos of heroic pit bulls, including a dog that took a bullet for his owner! Amazing!