Fisherman Thought His Dog Was Dead After Boat Crash – TEARS WILL FLOW!

There’s something about watching beautiful reunions that just never gets old. The joy and happiness in every reunion video is undeniable and so heart warming.

The video on the next page quickly reached the top of this list when it comes to our favorite reunion videos of all time. Once you watch it – we think you’ll definitely agree.

It all started when a Canadian man was fishing off of the coast of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. Just like something out of a nightmare – his boat capsized.

The fisherman was rescued by a passing boat but he had lost track of his little dog, Jack, in all of the chaos. He had feared that his beloved Jack had gone down with the boat and drowned.

Little did the fisherman know – his little dog’s life was not supposed to end that way. Miraculously, water police ended up finding Jack still inside the boat when they were recovering the wreckage.

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