A Family’s Dog Goes Missing — When He Finally Returns Home, He Has Strange Note On His Collar

Meet Louie the Sheepdog. He is now being hailed a hero after helping rescue a neighbor dog — much to the surprise of his owners! After going missing one day, Louie’s family began to worry. When he showed back up with a note — they were stunned.

Marilyn Diver adopted the Sheepdog years ago and he immediately became a member of her family. Louie, the sweet dog, is now 12-years-old and loves to relax. You can usually find him lounging around the house.

Since Louie loves to relax, Marilyn thought it was very strange when she couldn’t find her beloved dog anywhere. Since he was getting fairly old, she was worried that he wouldn’t be able to find his way back if he got lost.

Thankfully, the dog eventually returned after a while. However, there was something odd hanging off of his collar and he looked like he had been through some sort of ordeal. Marilyn feared that something awful had happened.

“[Louie] looked so exhausted and had basically just collapsed. We were concerned someone might have hurt him.”

Marilyn realized that there was a note on the collar. When she read what it said, she couldn’t believe it! Continue to the next page to see what it said.