A Family Returns Home From Church, Finds Their Bleeding Dog On Porch With A Note


Some events and situations in life are just so unfathomable that you can’t believe that they are real or that they’re happening. When one family returned home from church on a normal Sunday, their day suddenly became anything but routine.

A woman named Angie Laymon and her family were returning to their home after a morning at church. As they were walking up the stairs to their front porch, they were greeted by an absolutely horrific sight.

Their family dog, named Bruno, was bleeding out on their porch. As if this wasn’t shocking enough, there was a note lying beside him — it was from the Rogers County Police Department in Oklahoma.

As Angie and her family were trying to make sense of this bizarre, confusing, and tragic situation, they rushed Bruno to the vet as fast as they possibly could. When they got there — it wasn’t looking good.

The emergency veterinary team told the Laymon family that it would be a fifty-fifty chance of surviving. He needed major, emergency surgery to save his life. The devastating day just kept getting worse.

The family didn’t have enough money to pay for the surgery, so they had to turn to fundraising for the medical bills. Thankfully — Bruno survived but ended up losing one of his legs.

Continue to the next page to find out why the police left a note next to the dog, and what it said! Unbelievable. WARNING: Graphic images may be disturbing to our sensitive readers.

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