Family Adopts Elderly Dog, Then Find Out She Has Cancer – So They Decided To Do Something Amazing


Not long after taking the elderly dog home, the family received terrible news after test results came back. Kaylee had metastasized thyroid cancer, and sadly, she was only given a few months to live.

Due to her age, aggressive treatments were just not an option. The Davis family was completely heartbroken, but they were also motivated. They were determined to make their dog’s last days on earth the best she had ever known.


So, the family created “Kaylee’s Bucket List,” and it was a list of all the fun and amazing things a dog should do before they cross over the Rainbow Bridge. “You’ll see a lot that involve food,” said Melissa.


When they weren’t accomplishing bucket list items, they made sure to give Kaylee tons of snuggles and affections. “Then we’d snuggle into bed together. She always slept smashed up against me,” Melissa said.


Now – Kaylee’s story is inspiring pet owners all around the world. Continue to the next page to see who else is adopting elderly pets!

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