Family Adopts Elderly Dog, Then Find Out She Has Cancer – So They Decided To Do Something Amazing

When Melissa Davis and her family adopted Kaylee, they knew that they wouldn’t have much time with her. After all, she was an elderly dog; but they wanted to make sure that her last years on earth were filled with love. But shortly after adopting her, they received devastating news.

Kaylee came to be all because of Melissa’s 9-year-old daughter Raven. She begged her mom to adopt an elderly dog.  

“When she realized that old dogs die in the shelter with no family to love them, she was heartbroken. She started begging for us to adopt ‘an old dog no one else wants’ so that it could have a family before it died,” Melissa told TODAY.

Melissa was hesitant, though, because the family had five rescue cats and two dogs in their home already. Not to mention the two children.

“I worried about the additional commitment and financial impact. I also worried about how hard it would be on the kids to potentially lose a pet soon after adopting it,” Melissa said.

After doing some research, she decided that the family would give it a shot. When she saw Kaylee’s face at a Baltimore animal shelter, she immediately fell in love. Continue to the next page to see what happened after the family received a heartbreaking diagnosis.