Dog’s Been Missing For 2 Years, But Watch When He Finally Hears His Owner’s Voice Again

Beagle mix

The feeling of dread and fear of having a dog go missing is one of the most horrific feelings any dog owner could ever experience. For the owner of a Beagle mix named Boscoe — that fear became a reality one day. It was a normal day and Boscoe was alone outside in what was thought to be a safe and enclosed area. But then the curious dog found a way to escape — he went off to explore the great big world on his own.

 After a few hours of doing some exploring — Boscoe would attempt to return home but instead the Beagle mix found himself lost. The owner had no idea where his beloved dog had gone either. Devastating.

 The sweet dog was now lost, scared, and alone. But he knew he had to survive. So far alone 764 days — Boscoe would beg for food at restaurants or eat scraps from the garbage to feed himself. 

Then one day — the Beagle mix was hunting for food and found himself following a delicious scent. It was then that he found himself trapped in a cage with no way out. You’ve got to see this incredible video on the next page.