Dogs Are So Much Fun EVERYONE Wants To Play – But You Won't Believe Who!!!

When we got our first rescue puppy it was the best time ever. He was so tiny and new and fun to run around with, throw the ball, and of course snuggle.

But eventually we decided he needed a friend and companion of his own. We also thought how could it get any better? Why by getting 2 dogs instead of one!

So we adopted our other little one and again it was the best decision ever. But it was even better because of how happy our first pup was to have a brother of his very own.

Watching them play and roughhouse was something that only another dog or animal could do for our little guy. He was now complete that he had a friend to “dog around” with. 

So it’s no surprise that when a pack of dogs had an audience, the onlooker just had to join in! Continue to the next page, you have to SEE who these dog bff’s let into their pack.