Dog Was Behaving Strangely So Owners Follow Her Outside, Find Toddler In Cold Without Clothes


Petunia the dog showed up at the shelter in bad shape. She had two broken legs, a few broken ribs, and had eaten nothing but carpet for who knows how long. Thankfully — her owner was convicted of animal abuse and she was removed from the home.

The abused dog was in need of dire medical attention and it was going to be a long road to recovery. But little did anyone know — Petunia was going to be a hero. She was going to save a toddler’s life.

It was less than a year later that Petunia was adopted into her loving and forever home. The family decided to give her a fresh start and renamed her Peanut. Leaving her horrible past exactly where it should be — in the past.

The shelter was ecstatic that she was finally in a forever, loving home — far from the abuse and neglect that she once knew. But what they didn’t expect, was to receive a letter from her new owners not long after they adopted her.

The letter is something out of a movie — it’s jaw-dropping and completely shocking. Peanut was so much more than just a “dog.” She was an angel to a toddler that badly needed her.

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