Dog Was Homeless Until He Met The Veteran Whose Life He Changed Forever

On a day when we should remember and honor our fallen veterans – this is a story that will surely warm your heart. I know I melted as soon as I saw the video.

A beautiful Pit Bull named Mikko was at a shelter for most of his life. The staff was unsure if this poor thing ever had a home at all. They knew he’d been neglected for quite some time.

After such neglect, he became terrified of people and didn’t trust anyone at all. But this was all going to change when he meets a man named Chad Fleming.

Chad is a veteran who had been deployed to Iraq for two tours. When he came home – he suffered from serious post traumatic stress disorder.

Find out how Chad and Mikko came together and saved each other’s lives on the next page. It’s absolutely beautiful. And even more touching.