Dog Was Acting VERY Strange All Night – The Reason Why Will FLOOR You!

Dogs are known to have a very keen instinct – a sixth sense if you will. They tend to know or sense things far before us humans even know what’s going on! They are truly amazing creatures. This story will completely blow your mind!

A man named Drew lives in San Diego – he recently adopted a 17-pound dog named Carl. Carl wasn’t Drew’s first choice for a dog. He initially wanted a Golden Retriever but decided to take a chance on Carl.

One night, Drew noticed that Carl was barking like crazy which was very out of character. Then Carl started licking his face incessantly. This made Drew very concerned because he’s never seen Carl act like this before.

The worried pup continued to pace and bark and lick so Drew finally got out of bed to turn on the lights and see what was going on. The dog was clearly not going to let him sleep.

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