Dog Trapped In 20 Foot River Bed – You Have To WATCH What Happens!!!!

Have you noticed these days how all you hear on the news these days are horrific, sad and tragic things that would make anyone question the goodness in people. Every channel makes you want to cry!

There seems to be a shortage of good honest nice people in the world and not even our lord can bring everyone around. It’s hard to maintain a positive attitude when everything seems so down and dark.

You especially hear stories of tons of poor abused dogs who were neglected or abandoned and hurt by careless people. It’s really scary to think that those terrible people are out there among us.

These bad news stories always seem to happen in the city too. I can certainly say when walking around a big place like New York or Los Angeles, everyone always seems so mad and grumpy!

So when you hear about a trapped dog in L.A. you can only imagine the worst. Continue to the next page to WATCH what happens to a dog who’s been trapped in a cement river bed for WEEKS!!