Dog Shows Disabled Boy What True Compassion Means

Life is hard. Life is even harder when you’re born with complications and a sickness that can take away your ability to walk. It’s hard to find someone that could possibly understand.

That’s exactly what life is like for 8 year old Tommy Jones. Luckily, he has the most amazing parents in the world who would do whatever it takes to make him feel happy and accepted.

When Tommy was even younger than he is now – he wondered why he couldn’t walk without help like his other friends. So his parents decided to find him a friend that knew exactly what Tommy was going through – it just happens to have fur.

He’s a Chihuahua named Bobo and he can’t walk correctly either. He broke his leg when he was small and it never healed correctly – so he couldn’t walk right. So sad.

But here’s where things become incredible – when the two were paired up, the most amazing thing that could ever happen – happened!

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