Dog Realizes She’s Free Of Chains!


There is a wonderful dog rescue group called Dogs Deserve Better. They are a nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing dogs who are chained and giving them a real loving home.

They received a phone call from concerned neighbors that there was a family of six dogs that were chained in a backyard. Constantly – day and night. When the dog rescue group arrived – their hearts sank. The precious dogs had only slept in mud – never knowing the warmth of a loving home or a cozy bed.

They didn’t even have safe water to drink. 

But, Dogs Deserve Better showed up to the house on New Year’s Eve – they rescued the dad, mom, and three puppies. Thankfully, one of the other puppies had been rescued a few weeks earlier.

When the dog rescue organization brought them back to the clinic they felt the need to do something REALLY special for the big dogs. They spent so much of their lives in chains! It wasn’t that the puppies didn’t deserve a surprise too but they seemed to have as much energy as ever. Which would lead the dog rescue organization to do something wonderful for them.

So Dogs Deserve Better decided to take the mom and dad dog to a fun dog park – their reaction when they realize they aren’t chained anymore is…. so adorable! You just have to see it.