Dog Performs An AMAZING Trick! You Won't Believe Your Eyes!!

I love when something happens in life that you just can’t believe you saw. It’s part magic that even as an adult is so exciting when you see something amazing.

Like going to the circus when you’re little and seeing the acrobats fly through the air like bird. Or the giant elephants standing on one leg, just the wonder and thrill of it all.

Sometimes I think of my dogs like that. They are just these creatures and just when you think you know them and have seen it all, bam out of nowhere they surprise you!

I’ll never forget telling my dog (who never swims!) on a whim one day at the lake to go out and get my son who was swimming. He looked at me once and then my son and before I knew it was circling him in the lake!

Dogs are amazingly intuitive and I wouldn’t be surprised to see one swinging from a trapeze one day! If you want to see a dog inspire real wonder continue to the next page to WATCH him in action!!! You won’t believe it’s real!