Dog That Lived Its Life Chained Outside, Digs A Hole To Keep Two Day Old Puppies Safe

“They were suffering from various health issues, including hair loss, long nails, eye discharge and flea infestation,” Kerr said. “Most of the dogs tested positive for heartworms, which the SPCA of Texas provided treatment for.”

“Their emotional state was fragile,” Kerr added. “A lot of these dogs were reserved and unsure of human touch. The SPCA of Texas staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to help these animals learn to trust and to accept a nice, loving touch.”


However, it was Bella that especially made their hearts break.

“The only protection she had from the elements was the little shade the tree was providing,” Kerr said. “She had access to food, but water was not easily accessible and what little was there was dirty.”


The amazing mama dog did everything she possibly could to keep her newborn babies safe.

“Bella had dug a hole for her puppies, right beside where she was found chained, so that they could be cool and protected,” Kerr said. “The puppies were only a day or two old when we rescued them.”


“It’s likely that her strong maternal instincts and dedication to caring for her puppies, despite the tough situation she was in, is what kept them alive,” Madeline Yeaman, communications specialist for the SPCA of Texas said.

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