Dog That Lived Its Life Chained Outside, Digs A Hole To Keep Two Day Old Puppies Safe


Bella is a beautiful Siberian Husky mix. She’s just five years old and was one of 46 animals that were found on a property in Henderson, Texas. The sweet girl had just given birth, and since she was chained, all she could do to keep them safe was dig a hole for them.

A woman that lived on the property owned all of the animals. There were 28 dogs, nine kittens, six puppies, two cats, and a turtle. When the SPCA of Texas arrived after receiving a tip about the animals, they were shocked at the condition of all of the animals.

Most of the animals did not have enough food or water, and many of them were in terrible health condition. Sadly, for a few animals, they didn’t survive the harsh conditions that the woman provided for them.

Some animals were locked in cages, while others had heavy chains around their neck that caused their skin to become raw. “The SPCA of Texas’ Animal Cruelty Investigations Unit had to use bolt cutters to free some of the dogs,” Kristen Kerr, digital communications specialist for SPCA of Texas, told The Dodo. “The chains had rubbed some of the dogs’ necks raw.”

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