Dog Is The Last Survivor From The 9/11 Search And Rescue Dog Team — Gets Incredible Birthday As A Thank You

search and rescue dog

If you were old enough, chances are, you remember exactly what you were doing on the morning of September 11, 2001. It was one of the worst days in American history and it’s something we will never forget.

We lost the lives of 2,996 people that fateful day and over 6,000 people suffered injuries. However, there were many people who were rescued from the rubble of the fallen Twin Towers.

Search and Rescue teams from all over the entire country rushed to New York to help with the rescue efforts.

In addition to the men and women who helped with the rescue efforts, there were also 100 brave Search and Rescue dogs. Bretagne is one of those incredible dogs.

Bretagne was a member of the Texas Task Force 1, along with her owner Denise Corliss — they were both deployed to New York to help. When they arrived at the chaotic and devastating scene, they both sprung into action.

Bretagne searched endlessly and tirelessly for victims in the rubble. She was also a great comfort for all of the firefighters there as well.

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