Dog Is Seriously Confused By Screenless Door – WAY Too Funny!

confused dog

There are countless reasons why we love dogs. They’re super intelligent, they love unconditionally and they’re loyal sometimes to a fault. But also? They’re hilarious! And this confused dog takes the cake for being funny!

Yes, yes – it’s true that dogs are very smart and intelligent creatures. They can learn tasks that are extremely remarkable. They have instincts that humans certainly don’t have – which is why they make great K9s and service dogs.

But sometimes? They’re intelligence doesn’t exactly shine through. The simplest of things can throw them off and make them extremely confused. Dogs get used to routine – and when their routine is thrown off? They can’t compute!

Take this dog, named Sophie, for example. She’s been used to having a screen on her back door – this let’s her know that she can’t pass through. But her owner is currently replacing the screen door.

This change in her perception is really throwing her off! She can’t see the screen but she does see that the door is shut – so she thinks she can’t pass through! Continue to the next page to see confused and cute Sophie!