Dog Fed Up With Waiting For Owner In The Car — Decides To Get Their Attention In The Most Hilarious Way


Patience is a virtue. It’s a saying that’s as old as time To have patience is truly an amazing feat. Many people’s patience runs out very quickly — and the same goes for dogs too! Like the two you’re about to meet in this hilarious video.

Have you ever went with someone to run an errand and they leave you waiting in the car? After a while, it can get pretty boring just sitting there. It doesn’t matter how many good songs come on the radio.

After a while, there comes a time when you just can’t wait any longer. You’ve grown impatient and it’s time to catch their attention. How would you do it? Call their cell phone? Sure, if you’re a human. Get out of the car and find them? Again, that would work if you’re a human. But what if you’re an impatient dog?

Well — that’s when you’d have to get creative. The first thought might be to whine and bark as loudly as possible. But that’s simply no use if the owner is in a building and you’re outside. They’ll never be able to hear!

So, what’s louder than a bark and a wine? What is something so loud and annoying that it will surely get their attention? How about the car horn?!

The two dogs in the video on the next page are absolutely hilarious. They seemed to have figured out the car horn and they are not going to stop honking until they come back.