Dog Escaped Kennel, After Watching Security Footage — The Reason Both Melted And Broke The Staff’s Hearts


A dog named Maggie was staying at the Barker’s Pet Motel Grooming in Alberta, Canada while her owners went away on vacation. After finding her out of her kennel, the staff watched the security footage to find out why and how — they were stunned.

After hearing noises come from the other side of the room, Maggie broke out of her kennel to find out what the commotion was about. As it turns out, rescuers had just brought in two puppies, Hannah and Kari, to the doggie motel. It was their first night there.

The little puppies were scared and confused, and they let out whimpers and cries. Maggie, an Australian Shepherd mix, couldn’t stand hearing them in distress, so she was determined to escape to comfort them.

Sandy Aldred, the owner of the pet motel, noticed Maggie lying next to the puppies’ kennel when she checked the security footage on her phone. When she arrived back at the kennel, she decided to let her inside. The sweet girl ended up spending the entire night cuddling and snuggling with them.

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