Dog Who Was Chained Up For 8 Years Is Pet For The First Time

chained up

Could you imagine being chained up for 8 long agonizing years? That’s exactly what one dog, named Bron, experienced. But in a wonderful turn of events — everything changed for Bron and it is truly a miracle.

The sweet dog had spent his entire life chained up in Spain on a farm. At long last, he was finally discovered by a rescue group in the area called Animal Rescue Espana. They were shocked at Bron’s condition.

The poor dog had been chained up so long that he had injuries, many indicative of abuse and neglect. But most evident was his emotional injuries — the sadness of never having been loved.

“Bron is one of the most difficult cases we have encountered,” rescuer Pilar Delgado told a fellow website. “When we first approached, he would flee, snarling.”

He was having a very hard time letting his guard down. But finally? They caught a moment on camera that changed everything! Continue to the next page to watch it for yourself. So touching!