Dog Buried Beneath Rubble From Deadly Mexico Earthquake — People Erupt In Applause When She’s Rescued


Mexico City recently a devastating and deadly 7.1 magnitude earthquake. The large, historic city saw many of its beautiful buildings, many with people inside, collapse. It’s an absolutely heartbreaking event for Mexico.

As aftershocks were still shaking the ground after the massive quake, rescuers and volunteers immediately went to work trying to rescue survivors from the disaster. It was a daunting and overwhelming task, but it wasn’t a second thought for these amazing heroes.

After the rescue efforts were underway, there was one rescue in particular that has now gone viral because it was all caught on camera. While rescuers were digging through a collapsed building, they noticed something was moving under the debris.

As they continued to dig beneath chunks of concrete and twisted metal, they found a dog that was trapped. The poor thing was very confused and extremely frightened — but miraculously, she was alive.

Digging through the rubble was difficult, but the rescuers picked up their speed to get this little girl out of the collapsed building — just one of the many buildings that toppled during this huge earthquake.

The camera is filming the entire time and it’s a nail-biting scene to witness. But the moment she’s removed from the rubble? You’re going to cry happy tears!