These Dog Breeds Are Dying Out Because No One Wants Them

dog breeds

If you’re on our website or Facebook page, we know how much you love dogs. All dogs! It doesn’t matter what breed they are, all of them are special, unique, and amazing in their own way. Some people, however, don’t feel that same way.

We all have dog breeds that are our favorites or that we think are the ‘cutest,’ but the people in the country of India think western dogs are so cute, that they’re own native breeds are dying out because of it.

There are multiple dog breeds that are native to India that are literally ceasing to exist because people find western-type dogs more desirable. These are the types of dogs that are seen in movies or on TV.

We are all familiar with Labradors and Retrievers. Pugs and Dachshunds. Poodles and Dalmatians. However, there are so many breeds that we are unaware of because they are located and native to countries in SE Asia, Africa or in India.

When you see how adorable they are, you’ll wonder why no one wants them. Let’s spread the word so we can get more people to adopt these amazing dogs. They are so unique! And, of course, so very sweet.

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