Dog Blamed For DUI, But Dogs Do Drive!

“It wasn’t me!  It was my dog!” claimed Reliford Cooper lll last week after he was arrested for running a stop sign, speeding driving through 2 ditches and eventually crashing into a house.   Man, that dog really needs to go to driving school.

There is a driving school for dogs in Aukland, New Zealand run by the ASPCA, but Reliford Copper lll did not have one of those dogs in his car.

But wait, the police never saw or found a dog anywhere…  Does Reliford Cooper even own a dog?

Police noticed a vehicle speeding through a Florida suburb.  They turned on their lights and attempted to stop the car.  The car kept going at a high rate of speed running a stop sign and ultimately crashing into a house.  The driver then exited the vehicle and ran behind some neighboring houses.  He ended up hiding in a Pentecostal Church and locked himself in the bathroom.

The Pastor notified the police as to the suspects’ whereabouts.  Police entered the building and “flushed” Cooper out.

As Reliford Cooper was being arrested, he claimed his dog had been driving and he was innocent.  “I wasn’t driving that car,” he told police. “My dog was driving that car, I ran cause I wanted to. You ain’t gonna find no drugs or guns on me.”

Police found marijuana in his car and his alcohol level registered above the legal limit.  But no dog.

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