Dog And Owner Didn’t Know Anyone Was Watching – Epic Dance Routine Ensues!

People do all kinds of funny things when they don’t think anyone is watching. I know for sure that I dance my face off when I’m cooking my family dinner.

Don’t worry you won’t see me using these moves on Dancing With the Stars or at my high school reunion. But I will say that’s the fun of my kitchen, who care’s how bad I am?

And also yet another reason I love my dog. I dance circles around him and sometimes he jumps up with excitement and “dances” with me too. So nerdy right?

But that’s just another of the million reasons to love dogs. They are the best secret keepers and they don’t judge you for being your silly self.

However sometimes you can’t keep your secret dancing or singing to yourself. Continue to the next page, you have to WATCH what one hilarious dog and his owner did when they didn’t know anyone was looking!