Does Your Dog Have A Stocking? 10 Things To Put In It!

#5)  Dog Food Scooper and Bowl in One –   This is a great gift that eliminates an entire step from feeding your pet.  It is a scooper and bowl all in one.  It comes in 3 pre-measured sizes so you can’t give your pet too much or too little.

$6.00 at WetNoz


Xmas #5

#6)  Dog Tags –  According to writer Wendy Newell;  “World-recognized dog trainer and Dogster Magazine contributor Victoria Stilwell has partnered with PetHub to offer an exclusive premium digital pet-tag sporting Stillwell’s message “Kindness Is Powerful — Pass It On.”

Each dog tag has a unique QR code, which can be scanned by any smartphone, linking someone to your dog’s online profile. Of course, a phone number and a website are also available for those Good Samaritans who may not know what a QR code is.”

$17.95 at

Xmas #6

#7)  Hand knit Poop Bag Carrier –  This is a very stylish way to keep doggie waste bags convenient.  Hand-knit by Etsy seller at Couch Potato Dog Knits Esty, the bag simply attaches to your dog’s collar and can carry several bags.

$8.50 at  Couch Potato Dog Knits Etsy

Xmas #7

#8)  Hand Sanitizer –  This all natural hand sanitizer is cleverly packaged to appeal to the dog lovers out there.

$5.99 at Blue Q

Xmas #8

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