Does Your Dog Have A Stocking? 10 Things To Put In It!

#1)  Tote Bag –   With the environmental trend of using tote bags instead of plastic bags, this is a fun and practical way to carry your groceries or other items around town.

$22 at Farfetched Apparel website which donates some of the proceeds back to the community at #DOGood Campaign


Xmas presents#1

2. Dirty Dawgy Pad Protector –  This is a great gift for any dog lover whose dog hikes around in the woods and on rocks or snow a lot.  It’s 100% natural and provides great protection for sensitive paws from the elements.

$14.00 at Spinster Sisters

Xmas presents #2

#3)  Doggy Throw Toy –   This a great gift for any dog who loves to play catch and fetch.  It is easy to throw, easy to catch, has a squeaker, floats and comes in lots of colors!!  All the good stuff a dog needs to have fun!

$14.00 to $18.00 at Wildebeest
Xmas present #3

#4)  Personalized Cell Phone Cover –   You wouldn’t know I have kids with all the dog photos I have everywhere, so why not have your phone personalized with your pooch too?  You can upload a photo and Skinit will send you the image that you simply stick to your phone.  Easy!

$14.99 at Skinit

Xmas #4

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