Does Your Dog Have A Stocking? 10 Things To Put In It!

I know they are just dogs, but NO WAY!  Not my dog(s)!  They are very important members of our family. In fact, I’m not mad that the Miniature Beagle, Lily, pooped in my bedroom last night and my room stunk.

Although, I think that my husband IS mad that I blamed the smell on him… And I’m not mad at my Australian Shepherd, Beckett, for barfing on the couch. Although, I AM mad at my husband who feed her junk food last night while I was at a Christmas party…

And YES, of course, these little monsters have Christmas stockings! Why wouldn’t they? My whole house is designed around dogs. Minimal carpeting, gates everywhere and towels at all the doors for muddy paws.

The Christmas tree is decorated only above 2 feet so Lily, who is only 6 months old, won’t destroy the ornaments and herself. The presents don’t go on the floor either. We have adopted a holiday tradition of not putting presents under the tree or there won’t be any presents to open by Christmas.

So, with the help of Dogster Magazine, writer Wendy Newell and her dog Riggins, we have found 10 unique, fun and inexpensive holiday gifts for you, your dog and dog lovers in your life. They are all under $25 but look like a splurge.

We think you will really like them. Some are funny and some are very practical as well. Go to the next page to see top the 10 Christmas gifts under $25!