Deputy Attacked Alone, Did His K-9 Partner Get To Him In Time?!!

We’ve all heard or read stories about police officers, military or firemen and their heroic deeds. They saved this person, they helped this little old lady or foiled that burglar’s plan. In general positive things about brave men and women whose job it is to keep us safe and uphold the law.

We also see our dogs this way. They live in our homes and protect our families. We love them and are grateful for the voluntary watch they keep over our lives. But what about dogs who do it for work?

Those are stories of brave dogs in the military who follow their handlers to hell and back in war zones. Dogs who risk their lives with no second thought of themselves just like our servicemen. This also includes all the K-9 units who have well trained working dogs taking on bad guys day after day never asking for anything in return.

It’s easier as a human to have back-up. To radio to your partners and communicate what’s going on or what trouble may be lurking around the corner. It doesn’t make these situations less scary but it certainly helps to know you’re not alone.

One officer however was alone when he approached an unknown vehicle at a deserted rest stop one night while on patrol. Continue reading on the next page about this harrowing attack tale and the actions of a true partner!