Deaf Golden Retriever COMPLETELY Overwhelmed By Soldier Owner’s Return Home!


We absolutely adore and honor our men and women in the service. Their bravery and sacrifice is something that should never be taken for granted. Once deployed – they have to leave their loved ones behind – and that includes the furry ones too.

The video you’re about to see on the next page is one that you won’t soon forget. Army Private Hannah Foraker had to leave for basic training – she would be gone for 3 months.

She knew this was something she needed to do but was saddened to leave her 13-year-old Golden Retriever, named Buddy, behind. Buddy suffers from arthritis and is nearly completely deaf. Foraker worries that every time she leaves him – it may be her last time seeing the sweet boy.

So when Pvt. Foraker boarded that plane for her 3-month training stint – it broke her heart to temporarily say goodbye to Buddy. But it’s her visit home months later that has stolen hearts around the world!

Continue to the next page to see Foraker return home and Buddy’s reaction when he finally realizes who it is! It’s the most heartwarming reunion we’ve seen in a long time! Such a happy Golden Retriever!